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Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens is a French photographer, filmmaker, hair stylist, perfume art-director and fashion designer. In late 60s, he was  recognised by Christian Dior who then commisioned him to develop the cosmetics line.  Serge Lutens is most well known for his art direction and photography for Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido in the 80s. Lutens has created over 60 perfumes and aknowledges the contribution of  Christorpher Sheldrake ( House of Chanel Perfumer) noteworthy in his perfume journey."I don’t think of myself as a perfumer: I’m just someone who sets a fragrance within the context of a suitable story, which is just as likely to be drawn from a fairy tale, fable or novel as it is from any of the encounters I’ve had with flowers and woods during my lifetime." - Serge Lutens

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